Part III — Professor John Berthrong

PCG 3. Associate Dean, School of Theology, Boston University, Boston, MA

Professor John Berthrong: Does God change?

Sri Chinmoy: My esteemed Professor, God is eternal, immortal, infinite. A tiny drop is God. The vast ocean is also God. How does the vast ocean come into existence if not from one drop, two drops, three drops and then countless drops? God is constantly changing, sleeplessly changing. From the finite He is going to the Infinite. Again at His sweet Will, from the Infinite He is coming into the finite. He has the capacity to be the Infinite by changing or transforming or adding to the finite. Again, if He wants to separate Infinity into finite parts, He can do so drop by drop, or portion by portion.

On the one hand, God is changeless and deathless. On the other hand, He is in the process of constant change, constant self-creation and self-immolation. Creation and dissolution take their turn in exactly the same way that day and night interchange.

When we ordinary human beings change something, we are not sure that the change is going to be an improvement. Change in and of itself does not necessarily mean improvement. But when God changes something, He changes Himself in and through that thing, always for progress and true satisfaction.

God is not bound by anything, either by what He creates or by what He does. We human beings must have wisdom before we try to change a thing, since human change need not necessarily be for the better. But when we try to change ourselves for the better on the strength of our inner wisdom-light, we succeed.

God desperately wants the transformation of human nature. Although He does not have to change anything, He does change whenever He wants to change, and this change He does with a view to feeding mankind's hunger for the ultimate progress-delight.