Part VI — Bangladesh: Amar sonar Bangla — My Bengal of gold

Bangladesh: Amar sonar Bangla — My Bengal of gold11

Marvellous your beauty’s heart,
Stupendous your duty’s life.
Small is your outer body,
But tall, extremely tall, is your inner body.
You are at once quality’s depth
And quantity’s length.
Every morning, inspiration-flower awakens you,
Aspiration-tree heightens you
And dedication-branches enlighten you.
Readiness-life, willingness-mind
And eagerness-heart you are
To barter your divinity’s breath
With humanity’s life.
Twenty-seven years ago, you saw
The light of day
To be in the galaxy of Infinity’s Light
And Immortality’s Delight.

Janani janmabhumishcha svargadapi gariyasi

“Mother and Motherland are superior to Heaven itself.”

PCP 12. This poem was written by Sri Chinmoy in honour of the anniversary of the Independence of Bangladesh. He recited it at the closing ceremony of a parade to mark the 27th anniversary organised by the Bangladesh Students Association in New York on 26 April 1998. Sri Chinmoy was born on 27 August 1931 in Chittagong, East Bengal — now Bangladesh.