Poems on the theme of the pilgrim

[Sri Chinmoy reads out these poems which he has written over the years on the theme of the pilgrim.]

I am a peace-collecting pilgrim-soul.
To love the heart of the unknown, my only goal.
Newness-heart-life beckons my dreaming breath.
I see nowhere darkness and bondage-death.

My hope-heart-pilgrim
Shall travel a long distance
To have a glimpse
Of God’s Compassion-Eye.

The life’s simplicity,
The mind’s sincerity
And the heart’s purity
Are fellow pilgrims upon the path
That leads to God’s Kingdom.

My Lord Supreme,
Do give me a pilgrim-heart
To offer my aspiration-flames
Far and wide,
Lovingly and self-givingly.

We are the pilgrims of the Lord Supreme
On the Path of Infinity.
At this time we have broken asunder
Obstruction’s door.
We have broken asunder
The night of tenebrous darkness, inconscience
And the eternal, indomitable fear of death.
The Boat of the supernal Light’s dawn
Is beckoning us,
And the World-Pilot
Of the hallowed bond of Love divine
Is beckoning us.
The Liberator’s Hands are drawing us
To the Ocean of the great Unknown.
Having conquered the life-breath
Of the Land of Immortality,
And carrying aloft the Banner
Of the Lord Supreme,
We shall return —
We, the drops and flames
Of transformation-light.
God sits by His Heart-Window
And watches and enjoys
The sincerity, beauty and purity
Of all pilgrim-seekers.

May my heart's tears
And my life's promises
Walk along
My soul's pilgrim-journey-road.

Shall forever last.

[Sri Chinmoy then offers a Peace Concert, performing on the Indian esraj, Indian flute, cello, harmonium and other instruments.]