"Heart of Gold Award" presentation7

Maestro Roberto Cantoral, President, Society of Authors and Composers of Music of Mexico [translated from Spanish]: Today, in the name of the Society of Authors and Composers, over which I preside, I hereby present to Sri Chinmoy the "Heart of Gold" while we stand in the heart of the United Nations.

The "Heart of Gold" is a distinction that was conferred on Sri Chinmoy for his lifelong dedication to humanity. His untiring efforts for world peace, manifested through concerts and other events throughout the globe, have made him worthy of the recognition of the Heart of Gold on behalf of all Mexican authors and composers.

Personally speaking, I, Roberto Cantoral, have found in Sri Chinmoy a great man who transmits affection and deep inner peace, which is especially needed in these difficult days and enables us to perform our daily duties. At the same time, I am sure that those present here have found in Sri Chinmoy a constant hope in their daily striving to improve the condition of our world. His message of peace to humanity, and the humanitarian and selfless causes that he pursues, provided the necessary elements for the Society of Mexican Authors and Composers to confer on him the important "Heart of Gold Award" during his recent visit to Mexico.

Sri Chinmoy, it is an honour to present you today with this "Heart of Gold".

PCP 8. Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium, United Nations Headquarters, New York, 17 April 1998.