Fulfilling the United Nations mission

We are not obliged to see eye-to-eye with those cynics who propagate the faulty and absurd idea that the United Nations has not fulfilled its promises. Let us soulfully and powerfully sing in unison with those who feel that the United Nations has been given neither the well-deserved authority nor the adequate opportunity to reveal and manifest its world-embracing, world-illumining and world-fulfilling vision. The Pilot of the UN boat tells the world:
"If the United Nations is subject to so many legal, political and practical constraints when it wishes to intervene in current conflicts, can it really fulfil its primary mission of maintaining peace? I will answer that, in the context in which it has to operate, it can contribute, and it does contribute to a considerable extent to a reduction of violence and the promotion of peace. It works to prevent conflicts by attacking their underlying causes. It tries to bring them before the international community as soon as they begin to emerge. It helps, in short, to contain them and settle them by peaceful means."