A new age of world peace

The world has ceaselessly struggled, immeasurably suffered and significantly achieved things meaningful and fruitful. Nevertheless, the dream of peace is still a far cry. The supreme Pilot of the United Nations offers us abundant encouragement:
"To say that we have perhaps entered a new age of world peace does not sound half as fanciful today as it would have a year ago. In their respective idioms, the leaders of the two most powerful States in the world have said it at the United Nations. People all around the globe have greeted our progress in moving regional conflicts towards their solution with a new mood of optimism and of faith in the workings of multilateral diplomacy."

The world is steadily progressing, although not always to our great satisfaction, Therefore, the human in us at times may be sadly discouraged. But on the strength of our progress-loving oneness with the world-evolution, we unmistakably see the turtle-progress-speed of the world.