Question: What is the best way for me to bring new seekers to your path?

Sri Chinmoy: The best way is to become one with the inner hunger of unconscious humanity. When you pray and meditate, just try to identify yourself with the inner hunger of humanity. The outer hunger is for name and fame, but the inner hunger is for light and delight. So when you think of new seekers, think of them as representing humanity. If you feel that they are representing humanity, then you will see that they definitely have an inner cry, for God can exist in human beings only when there is an inner cry. Even if it is an unconscious cry, God does not mind. But if it is a conscious cry, then God is really pleased. Even if the inner cry in humanity is unconscious, God says that He is going to stay with humanity. But if there had been no unconscious inner cry, then God would not have stayed with humanity.

In your case, you pray and meditate, so you are aware of the God-Reality here on earth and there in Heaven. If you become consciously aware of the inner hunger of the unconscious humanity, then only will you be able to bring new seekers to our Centres. Become consciously, devotedly and unconditionally one with the unconscious hunger and then transform it into a conscious hunger, When humanity has a conscious hunger, then human beings will look around to see if there is something that will satisfy them.

Also, feel that when you are trying to bring people, you are pleasing me in my own way. If you feel that you are pleasing me in my own way, then you will feel the roar of a lion inside you. Whether you bring one person or none on the outer plane, inwardly you will feel a lion's strength.