Question: Do all undivine qualities have to be manifested before they are transformed, or can they be transformed quietly?

Sri Chinmoy: All the undivine qualities, either together or four at a time or two at a time or one at a time, have to come to the fore. If they remain inside, then there is no safety at all. Undivine qualities must come to the fore either all together or two at a time or one at a time. Jealousy, insecurity, impurity, lack of oneness, pride, vanity, selfishness: all these qualities may not come out at once, but they have to come to the fore. Each undivine quality must feel the need of light. Three members of the dark family can come together and tell the Father, "Please, please, forgive us and illumine us," or one can come; but eventually all have to come. Otherwise, if one member of the family remains unillumined, then the being that has all the members will never be perfect or satisfied. Impurity, insecurity, jealousy and so on are like thieves. They have to be exposed. If the thieves remain inside, then they will gradually, gradually steal away everything. So they have to come to the fore, which means that they have to be manifested in order to be transformed. There is no other way. The sooner they come to the fore and become fully manifested, the sooner it is possible for light to enter into them and transform them.