Question: Guru, about Centre attendance, when do you want us to inform you if people do not show up at the Centre meetings?

Sri Chinmoy: After three weeks, please inform me. It is my wish that Centre leaders take the attendance of the disciples. One day per week is compulsory — Wednesday. Our serious meditation day is compulsory. On other days if the disciples do not come, we cannot blame them, but we will not think well of them if they can come and they are not coming. Perhaps they are watching television. If they have no satisfactory reason, then they are not good disciples. Good disciples will come both days if they are in town.

If you are out of town, then that absence will not be counted as part of the three weeks. But if you are out of town and you are a good disciple, which you are, if you are in some other country where there is a Centre, then you should go to that Centre. If you have gone on business to another country, and there is a well-established Centre there, please go. I am requesting all of you, if you are out of town and there is a well-established Centre in that particular part of the world, do come to the Centre.