Question: If some disciples' behaviour affects the attendance of other disciples at meditations, what would you advise?

Sri Chinmoy: If one disciple does not come to the Centre because he feels that another disciple is so bad, is it good? Do disciples come to the Centre for other disciples, or do they come for me?

In one ashram, someone said, “If that person remains a disciple, then I shall have to be with him again when I go to Heaven.” He thought that the best thing would he to leave that ashram, and he left. He left the path because he hated his enemy to such an extent that he was afraid that in Heaven he would again have to meet with his enemy!

My disciples have to know that they are coming to the Centre for me. They are coming to look at my Transcendental Photograph and pray and meditate. Jealousy, insecurity and pride: these things are not good. My disciples have to know whether they are coming to the Centre for me, or they are coming to see those whom they dislike. My Transcendental Photograph has no enemy. My Transcendental Photograph has the Universal Consciousness. It can house people with a difference of opinion. There, all enemies can stay. That Consciousness is so vast that enemies will not be able to see each other. One enemy will be on one side and the other enemy will be on the other side. My Transcendental Consciousness, my Universal Consciousness, is so large that it can easily house two individuals safely, no matter how much they dislike each other. There will be a huge gap between the two.

This is a wrong attitude, an absurd attitude. On our compulsory meditation day they have to come. If they do not come for Joy Days and other days, I cannot blame them; I have to tolerate their absence. On those days if they do not want to come because they dislike others, let them not come. But those who dislike others to such an extent will take a much longer time to reach their goal than those who do not consider others as enemies. Each enemy is an obstacle, not a help.