Writing songs in the dark5

When I was living on 76th Street, near the Museum of Natural History, a few poems I wrote while lying down. Then I set them to music — all in the dark. A German lady was the owner of the house. She was so miserly! There was practically no light. Outside, in the front of the house, there was a light. Inside she turned off all the lights. She was so bad! She said, “After eleven o’clock or eleven-thirty you are not allowed to use light.” A little light came into my room from outside, and I had to write with that light. What could I do?

Three special English songs I composed in the early days: “I am a Thief,” “I am a Fool” and “I am an Idiot.” Now kindly sing “I am a Thief.”

[The singers sing the song.]

In the name of soulfulness, do not sacrifice the power-aspect. I still remember how powerfully I sang that song when I recorded it. How full of life it was! Sing with life, dear ones!

Now kindly sing “I am a Fool” and “I am an Idiot.”

[The singers sing the songs.]


PIP 5. 5 February 2002, Nexus Resort, Karambunai, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia