His Guru was Gorakshanath

Many years ago, at least thirty-five years ago, a black man came to my house to meditate with me. Then he said, “I have something very private to tell you.” He took me downstairs to the basement and showed me a tinier than the tiniest picture of Gorakshanath. He said, “This is my Guru. He has so much occult power! Do you know anything about him?” I said, “I have heard about him. Yes, he has tremendous occult power.”

He was so happy that I was confirming what he said about Gorakshanath. He took me downstairs to show me Gorakshanath’s picture and to tell me that Gorakshanath had tremendous occult power. I said, “It is true. I have heard it also.”

He was so happy that his Guru was Gorakshanath!