A special celebration of the Holy Father's 76th birthday

On the sacred occasion of the 76th Birthday of His Holiness Pope John Paul II, my students and I offered prayerful songs in Catholic churches around the world. We performed songs which I had composed in homage to the Holy Father, as well as songs in which I had set tune to the immortal utterances of the Saviour Christ.

Our symbolic goal was to offer 76 concerts altogether in the two weeks preceding the Pope's Birthday. Ultimately, we offered 123 performances in over 24 countries. My own Peace Concert dedicated to the Holy Father was held on 13 May 1996 at the United Nations in New York. Two hundred members of the United Nations community were present on this occasion to offer their heartfelt prayers for the Holy Father.

My students and I from all over the world lovingly and gratefully offer each of our performance-drops to the Holy Father, who embodies the Compassion-Ocean of our Saviour Christ.