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Mother Teresa

Calcutta’s Soaring Bird
India’s Sailing Moon
The World’s Weeping Sky
Earth’s Tearing Loss
Heaven’s Dancing Gain
The Christ’s Blossoming Promise
The Mother Mary’s Harvesting Pride

My eulogy for Mother Teresa, September 1997

Mother Teresa was, is and shall forever remain my sister of infinite affection and my Mother of infinite compassion. Over the years, she showered her choicest blessings, affection, love, concern and compassion upon my aspiring heart and devoted life.

With her unparalleled service-light, she awakened and illumined millions of souls that were suffering, are still suffering, and have yet to suffer. Her service-light to humanity will forever shine bright, brighter, brightest in the heart-garden of humanity.

Mother Teresa and I met together five times and exchanged many letters and telephone calls. Her body’s departure from the earthly scene was a supreme loss to Mother Earth. Again, her Soul’s blessings for the world citizens and her inseparable oneness with the suffering humanity will always remain immortal.