My poems and meditations on the Saviour Christ

The Christ was a poet, for his utterances are all poetic, visionary and revolutionary. Each of the Christ’s works is a seer-vision of the Father Supreme.

The Christ was a painter. He painted the suffering of human life and the delight of divine life in and through his own life.

The Christ was an athlete. He ran the fastest in thirty-three years. In the short span of his life, he completed his course, according to the Vision-Dispensation of his Father Supreme. Again, he was a supreme athlete. He braved the buffets of human life and offered his oneness to the suffering and aspiring mankind.

I saw the Face
Of the suffering Christ.
I cried and cried.

I felt the Heart
Of the forgiving Christ.
I smiled and smiled.

I clasped the Soul
Of the illumining Christ.
I danced and danced.

The real Christ is taking birth every day inside our consciousness.

The real Christ is the Christ who is immortal, not the Christ who lived for thirty-three years.

Not the human Christ, but the divine Christ. The human Christ, the carpenter’s son, lived on earth for thirty-three years, but the divine Christ, who realised God, who became one with God, who represented God and still represents God on earth, is still alive, and at the same time, is taking birth in human hearts every day.