Brahmananda loses his little bondage

Sri Ramakrishna’s dearest disciple, next to Swami Vivekananda, was Brahmananda. He reached higher heights than Vivekananda did. In every way, he was dearer than the dearest to Sri Ramakrishna.

Brahmanandas childhood name was Rakhal. His father arranged for him to get married at a young age. His father was a Brahmin, and it was a matter of extreme importance to him that his son be married. He literally forced Rakhal to get married.

After Rakhal was married, most of his spiritual brothers said, “Alas, our brother has fallen! He has fallen so badly!”

Sri Ramakrishna immediately scolded them. He said, “I do not want to hear any of this talk! You know how fond I am of my dearest Rakhal.”

Then Rakhal and his wife had a baby boy. Once again, the disciples mercilessly criticised Rakhal. They said, “He is completely gone from the spiritual life. He has totally fallen.”

Again Sri Ramakrishna admonished his disciples. “You must not criticise Rakhal. Do not criticise him!”

One day Rakhal’s son died. He and his wife were so sad to have lost their dearest son.

When the disciples heard about it, they were sincerely sympathising with their beloved brother. “What a terrible thing has happened to Rakhal! Our brother and friend has lost his only son,” they said.

The disciples came running to Sri Ramakrishna screaming, “Master, Master, Rakhal’s son has just died!”

To everyone’s surprise, Sri Ramakrishna started singing and dancing. He was extremely happy. Then Sri Ramakrishna said, “Rakhal had a little bondage. Now Mother Kali has taken away that bondage. I am so happy! I am very, very happy.”