Tips for the Master

Five disciples of a Master who was no longer in the physical once came to me in New York. Let us call this Master Guru Sukha. This Guru had a very, very good soul and he had many disciples.

One by one, these five disciples each had dreams of their Master during their sleep. He told them, “Please go to Sri Chinmoy, please go to Sri Chinmoy.” He also said very nice things about me to them in their dreams.

One of Guru Sukha’s disciples came to me. Then, in two months’ time, another one came, and then another and another. All of them had the same story: “Master keeps coming to me in my dreams and begging me to become your disciple.”

Alas, none of these disciples stayed on my path. They thought that I was too high for them!

One of these disciples was a hairdresser. She used to speak so highly of me to all her customers. She would have tears of devotion in her eyes as she spoke about me. Her customers would be so moved that they would often give the lady small tips for her Master, and she would gladly take their donations. After some time, she left the path.

Four or five years later, quite unexpectedly, this lady came to my house. I was on my porch. She came with a very large bag containing coins, and also one and five-dollar bills. She offered me this bag.

I asked her, “What happened?”

“I am not ready to be your disciple,” she answered, “but I cry and cry when I talk about you to my customers. I think of you all the time. When I talk to my customers and tell them about you, they are so moved. They give me money for you, so I have brought you the money they wanted to give you.”

I said, “Why do you not come back to our path?”

“Oh, no, your path is too high for me! I cannot,” answered the lady.

Guru Sukha was a very good and genuine Master. Some Masters want their disciples to stay on their path, even when the disciples want to be with another Master. Again, Masters like Guru Sukha send their own disciples to another Master when they feel that a certain Master can help their disciples to continue to make progress. This has happened many, many times. Truth to tell, there are many ways to arrive at the Goal.