"One cannot be regarded as great by associating only with the elite. One has to move with and understand the common man.
Glory of Reawakening
by Ranasinghe Premadasa"

If somebody thinks that he is great, then let us ask him for his credentials. If he can prove to us that he can associate himself with the common run of men and have a oneness-breath with them, then his credentials are acceptable. If he wants only to remain on the top of the Himalayas without caring at all for those who are at the foot of the Himalayas, then his oneness with the Himalayan consciousness is shockingly imperfect and, therefore, of no avail.

President Premadasa's heart has always been for all and sundry, since the very dawn of his earthly sojourn. He has a free access to people in all walks of life, and they to him.