Editor's note about Sri Chinmoy's visit 2 January 1990

President Premadasa celebrated the first anniversary of his presidency on 2 January 1990 with sacred prayer sessions in Kandy, Sri Lanka's holiest pilgrimage site, where he visited religious centres for all the faiths, including the Temple of Lord Buddha's Tooth Relic. For the occasion, the President invited Sri Chinmoy to stand by his side as he lit the first of 84,000 devotional candles and, later, as he delivered a most illumining address to the nation.

Before ascending to the podium to give his speech at the Kandy Festival of Lights, President Premadasa was introduced to Sri Chinmoy. The President said, "Peace, peace, peace. I am very happy to meet you. Welcome to Sri Lanka. Are you enjoying your stay here?" He also said that he had seen Sri Chinmoy's interview on television. He said, "You are a true man of wisdom."

After the President had lit two or three candles, he gave a candle to Sri Chinmoy and said, "A true man of peace."

When they were on the podium together, the President asked Sri Chinmoy the meaning of his name. Sri Chinmoy told him that it means "full of Divine Consciousness."