A letter from the Presidential Secretariat

12 April 1990

Dear Sri Chinmoy

H. E. President R. Premadasa has read with great joy your very kind letter of 29 January, 1990 and has requested me to write to you to thank you for the gracious sentiments you have expressed therein.

The President was very happy to learn that you have begun reading his books and that you hope very soon to start writing your own book about him. He looks forward with great pleasure to receiving a copy of it as soon as it is published.

It was a matter of great pleasure for the President to have had the opportunity of meeting you in Sri Lanka. All the words you spoke and the blessings you gave to him and to the country in the name of PEACE are very gratefully appreciated by His Excellency.

The President thanks you again for the many kind thoughts that you have expressed and for your prayers for the future progress and prosperity of Sri Lanka.

(Bradman Weerakoon)
International Relations