Question: One day I have to leave the house at five o'clock in the morning, so I get up earlier than on other days and meditate at four-thirty.

Sri Chinmoy: Then you will have to meditate at four-thirty on other days also. Don't try to keep your original time that day while on the subway or at school or work. These meditations must be in addition to your morning meditation. Otherwise, relaxation starts. Today you have to go someplace; tomorrow, somewhere else. Only Sundays I am responsible for you. Otherwise stick to your own time.

You do not need a specific time for evening meditation. At that time the river is already flowing and entering into the ocean. I am responsible only for the morning meditation when the river starts flowing. If I can start the river flowing, I know it will one day reach the source. Even if you don't reach the destination today, as long as there is some movement, you will reach the destination tomorrow or the day after. If you are flowing towards the consciousness ocean, that is enough for me. You can also meditate on your coffee break at three o'clock or four o'clock, but you have to start in the morning.