Question: What should we do if our flame of aspiration isn't burning as intensely during meditation as we would like?

Sri Chinmoy: Let us take the burning inner flame as our hunger. One day we may be pinched with hunger. Another day we may not be hungry at all, but we do eat. Early in the morning when it is breakfast time, even if we do not have real hunger, we go and eat. It is a daily routine or habit that we have formed which is necessary for our health. We should take food every day, whether we are really hungry or not. If we eat every day, then automatically our whole body is nourished and our muscles are strengthened. Similarly, one day if the inner flame is not burning very brightly, let us say, still we have to meditate. Otherwise in the inner world we shall become weak. We don't get most delicious food every day; it is not possible. Even the world's best cook cannot make most delicious food every day. But still we have to eat. In the spiritual life also we cannot expect our highest type of meditation every day.

Again, the highest type of meditation depends on the seeker's own spiritual attainment and achievement. But there comes a time when one is on the verge of spiritual realisation or one has realised God. At that time meditation is a matter of his own will. Now, in my case, if I want to do the highest meditation, then at any hour, even right after I have eaten, I can enter into my highest consciousness. But that is not possible for the beginning seekers. So, their duty is to meditate for spiritual nourishment each and every day whether they are hungry or not.