Question: There are many Gurus nowadays coming to Europe and America. Are they coming because of the inspiration that they receive from their inner being, or is there a movement there which sent them here?

Sri Chinmoy: As there are some sincere seekers and some insincere seekers, similarly, there are some sincere Gurus and some insincere Gurus. The sincere Gurus have been inwardly commanded and guided by God to come and serve Him in the West. The insincere ones come to the West to show off and to collect money in order to lead a most comfortable life. The West is much richer than the East, so they come here to lead a most comfortable life. Deception is there. Insincere Masters come here and tell their students: “Give me thousands of dollars. I will give you realisation.” Once they get money, the false Masters go away. But where is the realisation they promised to their disciples?

If God-realisation could be bought with money, then all rich men would immediately realise God. But it is not like that. For God-realisation you have to cry and cry and cry. The insincere Masters exploit the gullible. But the sincere Masters also play their role.