Question: Guru, if you are meditating in the Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium at the United Nations, for example, can the surrounding rooms be affected by your presence?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on two things. On that day, at that particular hour, it depends on how much Light the Supreme in me wants to reveal and it depends on how much receptivity the adjacent rooms have. If the adjacent rooms have tremendous receptivity and if the Supreme in me wants to reveal abundant Light, then definitely all the surrounding rooms will be affected.

But if the Supreme wants concentrated Light only for the seekers who are listening to my talk, then it will be meant only for them. Again, when I give talks, many times it happens that the Light that we bring down does not remain only with the selected seekers, the thirty or forty seekers, who happen to be there. It all depends on receptivity. If somebody who is in the next room is receptive, then he may get much more than someone else who is in the same room but who is not receptive. Then too, someone who is miles away from the auditorium may get it, provided that he is very receptive. It is all a matter of receptivity. No matter where one is, if he is receptive he will get something.