"When we live in the soul"

The outer world is the body; the inner world is the soul. We live in the body, but we constantly have to abide by the dictates of the soul so that the body, instead of being a blind tool of fate, becomes a perfect channel for the Supreme's divine manifestation in the physical.

When we live in the soul, we have the spontaneous experience of fulfilment. But if we live in the body, we shall have the spontaneous experience of frustration and misery. Our success and our failure have very little to do with God's experience and God's operation in the physical world. He is our success, He is our failure, He is the Doer and the action. If we can see God's presence in each action, then see the action itself as God, and later the result —- success or failure — as God, and finally the Doer of the action as God, then all our problems are over. We are truly God's highest Pride and Vision if we know the secret of living in the soul here on earth and there in Heaven.