"The soul lives in constant joy"

The physical is not and cannot be satisfied with its own possessions. It feels that others have truth, light, beauty and joy, whereas it does not. The very nature of the physical is to feel that it is the eternal beggar. It wants something from somewhere else, either from human beings or from Heaven. There is always a sense of dissatisfaction in the physical.

The soul constantly feels that it already has everything from God in infinite measure, and that it has the potentiality to house Infinity. It is satisfied with its reality because it knows what it has and what it can grow into. It knows that it has the capacity to unveil the Infinite, either today or tomorrow. It is satisfied with what it has right now, and it is also satisfied with what it will have, what it will do and what it will reveal in the Infinite and for the Infinite. The very nature of the soul is to remain satisfied. It lives in divine satisfaction. Very often the body gets joy and still remains unsatisfied. But the soul lives in constant joy, for it sees the eternal Reality.