About Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy is a noted author, musician, artist, athlete and spiritual teacher. Above all, he is known as a man of peace. In his tireless efforts to find and explore new avenues for inner peace and outer harmony, he has touched countless lives. Since coming to America in 1964 from his native India, Sri Chinmoy has dedicated his life to the creative expression of the limitless potential of the human spirit. He says: "There are no limits to our capacity because we have the infinite Divine within us."

In keeping with his philosophy of continual self-transcendence, Sri Chinmoy has embarked on numerous creative endeavours and sports activities. He is the author of over 1,200 books of poetry, plays, essays, stories, lectures and answers to questions. He has composed over 14,000 devotional songs, which he has performed on a wide variety of instruments in a series of over 500 free Peace Concerts offered around the world. In a recent art project, he completed drawings of over nine million birds —- symbols of peace and freedom.

Sports, particularly running, play an integral role in Sri Chinmoy's teachings. He feels that running is an outer expression of the aspiration to achieve inner perfection. Sri Chinmoy himself regularly practises rigorous exercise programmes. His weightlifting achievements in the one-arm lift, calf raise and novelty lifts of people and objects have been recorded as age group records and garnered world record status.

Sri Chinmoy has been invited to open several global sporting events with meditations, including the Pan American Track and Field Masters Championships in Puerto Rico, 1980; the World Masters Games in Puerto Rico, 1983; the World Veteran Games in Melbourne, Australia, 1987; the Senior National Olympics in the USA, 1992; the New York Games, 1991-1995; and the Rome City Marathon, 1997, where he received the Fred Lebow Award for his contribution to the world of running.