The outer running and the inner running

The outer running is a powerful struggle
For a great independence.
The inner running is a soulful cry
For a good interdependence.
Independence brings to the fore
What we have unmistakably deep within:
A freedom-smile.
Interdependence makes us conscious
Of what we eternally are:
A oneness-satisfaction.

The outer running is a burning desire
To achieve everything that we see here on earth.
The inner running is a climbing aspiration
To receive from Above a vast Compassion-Sky
And to give from below a tiny gratitude-flame.

The outer running is an extraordinary success
On the mountain-summit.
The inner running is an exemplary progress
Along Eternity's sunlit Road.
Success is the ready and immediate acceptance
Of the challenges from difficulties untold.

Progress is the soulful and grateful acceptance
Of the blessingful joy from prosperities unfathomed.

The outer runner and the inner runner:
Two aspects of the seeker-runner.

The outer runner does.
Therefore, he succeeds.

The inner runner becomes.
Therefore, he proceeds.

When he succeeds,
The seeker-runner gets a new name:

When he proceeds,
The seeker-runner gets a new name:

The seeker-runner's glorification is a beautiful flower
That charms and inspires his entire life.
The seeker-runner's illumination is a fruitful tree
That shelters and nourishes
His entire earthly existence.

The outer running is a colossal satisfaction,
Although at times it may be quite oblivious
To the existence-reality of a quiet perfection.

The inner running is a perpetual satisfaction
In and through a blossoming perfection.

The seeker-runner has a shadowless dream
Of his full realisation-day
In his outer running.

The seeker-runner has a sleepless vision
Of his God's full manifestation-hour
In his inner running.

The outer runner challenges
The Himalayan pride of impossibility.
The inner runner smilingly arranges a feast
Not only with impossibility
But also with Immortality.

The outer runner runs through the golden gate
And arrives at the sound-kingdom.
The inner runner enters into the unique palace,
Runs up to its highest floor
And places himself at the very Feet
Of the Silence-King.

Finally, the seeker-runner's outer running
Says to his inner running,
"Look, I am giving you what I now have:
My majesty's crown."
The seeker-runner's inner running
Says to his outer running,

"Look, I am giving you what I now am:
My beauty's throne."