Part I — Discourses

Philosophy, religion and yoga

Philosophy sees the Truth. Religion feels the Truth. Yoga becomes the Truth. God-perfection is the Truth.

Philosophy is in the searching mind. Religion is in the loving heart. Yoga is in the aspiring entire being.

A real philosophy-teacher teaches the outer world. A real religion-teacher loves the inner world. A real yoga-teacher discovers his inseparable oneness with both the inner world and the outer world.

The inner world achieves. The outer world reveals. The inner world achieves God-Height. The outer world reveals God-Depth.

God-Height is soulfully beautiful. God-Depth is beautifully soulful. When a seeker becomes soulfully beautiful, he embodies the cry of continuous self-transcendence. When a seeker becomes beautifully soulful, he reveals constantly the smile of self-transformation.

The human philosophy ignores the animal in us and belittles the human in us. The divine Philosophy accepts the challenges of life, braves the buffets of life and, finally, offers the purpose of life.

The human religion is the song of the unfulfilling, unfulfilled and isolated many. The divine Religion is the dance of the liberating and liberated, fulfilling and fulfilled One in the aspiring many and the many in the immortalising One.

The human yoga needs food because God is great — absolutely great — and powerful — eternally powerful. The divine Yoga needs God because God is good — good in the sound-life of the finite and good in the silence-life of the Infinite.