Question: Sometimes when I am meditating, I experience the demanding vital.

Sri Chinmoy: When you demand something, you have to feel that you are acting like a beggar woman. A beggar begs, "Give me a nickel, give me a dollar." When a beggar begs, he always expects. In his mind there is always the hope that he will get five cents or ten cents or one dollar. Although he is begging, there is a demanding attitude inside his begging.

But if you act like a princess, you don't deal with one dollar or two dollars or three dollars. You always feel that the whole treasure of the king belongs to you. If you feel that the Source is more than ready to give you everything, then there is no demand. To demand means to try and snatch a portion of the reality from the rest of the infinite Reality. So don't demand, don't demand; only throw yourself into the Vast.