Question: I have sometimes awakened in the morning feeling a very high state of elation and tremendous unity, although nothing has taken place in my conscious mind. I was wondering if there is work that takes place on the spiritual plane at night that we are not aware of.

Sri Chinmoy: If you were not aware of it at one point, you could not have asked me about it now. Something does take place, and when you actually have the experience, at that time you are aware of it.

There are many planes of consciousness. It is like a ladder. After the experience you came down through various descending rungs. Right now there is no link between the last rung and the rung on which you had the experience. Now you are in the physical consciousness, which is where most of us remain during the day. So the experience that you had in the inner world cannot function properly, since the physical consciousness in most cases does not have a free access to the plane of consciousness where the experience occurred. Only when the physical consciousness is surcharged with the divine light can it have a free access to all the planes of consciousness.