Question: It seems that God loves you more than He loves Himself.

Sri Chinmoy: If you consider God on the physical, vital, mental or psychic plane, or any other plane except His own highest plane, then He will have more love for me than for Himself. Where there is a sense of separativity between God and me, and I am even one inch lower than He is, then He will have more love for me, because I am His child. A mother has more love for her child than for herself.

The Creator has more love for the creation than for Himself. But if the Creator feels that He and His creation are of the same standard, that He and His creation are inseparably one, at that time you cannot separate them; you cannot say who is loving whom more. The Supreme is loving me more when I pray to my highest Consciousness. But when I enter into my highest Consciousness, at that time there is no difference between the Supreme and me, for we are totally one.