The Master's smile

If I am kind to you instead of authoritative and autocratic, you feel that you will be inclined to love me more. But if I show you a flood of compassion, love, light and concern, you may misuse it; something more, you may take it as your due. If for two days I give you a smile, on the third day you will feel it is your due. If I smile at you, you think that my smile is your possession. Then, when I don't smile at you, you feel that I am taking away your possession. At that time, your demanding vital comes to the fore and you attack me like anything. But if I do not all the time show you my smiling face, then you will be satisfied with whatever I give to you.

Some disciples do always get my smiling face, and you may feel that they are very lucky. But I wish to tell you that they are tested at every moment. If they misuse my love and compassion, then they are lost in the inner world. But if they use it properly, then they can run the fastest in the inner world. You think it is very easy to assimilate my love-power, my compassion-power, my concern-power. But no, it is very difficult. So don't be jealous of others if they seem to all the time get my smiling face. Just be happy with what I do for you.

First become my lamb. Then I will make you my lion. If you become a lion first, then how will I make you a lamb? First be at my feet; then go up to my heart. Start going up. Otherwise, if you start at the top, you may find yourself just hanging there.