Part II — Question and answers

Question: What should be our attitude towards others in group meditations?

Sri Chinmoy: You should have good feeling for others, a feeling of good will; but don't think of the persons sitting around you. If you think of somebody beside you who is not aspiring at all, then your meditation will be on that person and not on your Master. Keep your concentration on your Master. Do your absolute best, but do not think about trying to surpass so and so. Everybody should try and do his or her best. You have to feel that I am the goal, the target, and that you are aiming an arrow at the target. One disciple's secret for excellent meditation is that she enters into me like a bullet, an arrow. But some of you are searching for the arrow. Others don't even have an arrow, or have misplaced their arrows. That is the trouble. Collective meditation is like team work. On the outer plane, very often you help each other. But in collective meditation it is on the inner plane that you have to score. If ten persons can score at the same time, then the group gets high marks.