Question: If someone is in the spiritual life and he wants to help humanity, should he get involved in politics?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to know that the politics which we see right now is millions of miles away from true spirituality. There is very little light or truth in politics. There everybody wants to play the role of the leader. Everybody makes empty promises. The politicians say that when they become the leader, they will transform the face of the world. Then, when they become the leader, consciously or unconsciously they become victims of undivine forces. They are at the mercy of these forces, and then you cannot trust them.

When you are in the spiritual life and you feel like helping humanity, first of all you should try to know how you can help humanity. Now, you may say that everybody has the right to help humanity according to his capacity. But in the spiritual life, you will see that how you do something is important and, at the same time, when you do that thing is also important. When the inner being tells you to help someone, at that time your help will be well received. Otherwise, no matter how sincerely you want to help humanity, humanity will not receive your help. You may send your light to society, but society will not receive it. It is not that you cannot give; you do give, but society cannot receive.

When one follows the spiritual life and goes deep within, then God tells him when the time is ripe for him to help humanity. When God wants a spiritual person to be His instrument to help humanity or a particular society, then the help is bound to be received. Otherwise, in the name of helping humanity, we see that we are only feeding and aggrandising our ego.

A spiritual person or seeker wants to help humanity. God has given him love and a big heart. But God wants him to wait for His Hour, for the opportune time. Spirituality must help humanity and society, but this help has to come when God commands. Otherwise, if you have fifty dollars and you just start giving it away, then you might give it to the wrong person. Then you will only create more problems for him.