Kon Sudure Mago Tumi

Kon sudure mago tumi
Se kon sudure
Paina dekha gabhir rate
Dibas dupure
Dekha jadi na pai mago
Jachi tomar santana
Shanta karo chapal prane
Laho amar bandana

Where are You, where are You?
Where is that farthest land?
I see You not
Either in the morning or in the evening.
No time.
If You do not want me to see You,
At least offer me Your Consolation-Light.
Do transform my mind of restlessness
Into a serene sea of calmness.
And do accept my heart’s homage,
Heart’s offering, heart’s adoration.
Even if You do not want to fulfil this desire of mine,
Do accept what I have for You.