Kata Kichu Chahi Kabhu Nahi Pai

Kata kichhu chahi kabhu nahi pai
Tabu ami cheye jai
Dibanishi ami andharer buke
Khunji mago mor thai
Mor basanar nahi habe shesh
Nehari amai tumi pao klesh
Ki karibo balo akuti je nai
Tomare tyajiya basanare je chai
Amrita niye dako dibanishi
Basanare nai khunje dashadishi
Amar andhar chapal paran
Shanti kothao nai
Kato kichhu chahi kabhu nahi pai
Tabu ami cheye jai


I desire many, many things.
I get nothing,
Yet I go on asking for my desires.
There will be no end to them;
My desires will remain deathless.
Forever I look for my own existence-reality
Inside the heart of darkness.
I know why all this happens.
It happens because I have no aspiration-light.
Alas, I want You not,
He whom I want is the professor of desires.
You bring me nectar and call me.
Alas, what I do is look for my desire-life
Here, there, everywhere; within and without.
My restless vital I am.
There is no peace of mind within me.
But there is something which is very strange:
I still long for You,
And You alone.