Jedin Tomai Dakina Ma Sedin Ase Shanti

Jedin tomai dakina ma sedin ase shranti
Shranti majhe bhese uthe agyanatar bhranti
Andhakare chahina ma andhar more chai
Tahar dake sara diye byetha e pran pai
Alo diye jiban amar puta karo mago
Smari jena nitya tomai prane amar jago


I become tired, Mother,
Only during the days I do not think of You,
I do not meditate on You.
In my tiredness, the mistakes of ignorance
Loom large.
Mother, I do not want,
I do not need darkness,
But darkness wants me and needs me.
When I respond to darkness,
Boundless sorrow tortures my heart.
Do inundate my heart with light.
Do awaken my heart and make me feel
That You and I are inseparably one.