Question: How can I grow more sincere in my spiritual search?

Sri Chinmoy: Please try to remember the consequences in your life of insincerity. If you told a lie and were caught red-handed, then naturally you were embarrassed; you felt miserable. Anything that you did wrong in the past will have unfortunate consequences. Again, anything good, anything divine, that you have done will have good consequences. The joy that we get by being sincere is unparalleled. Real sincerity brings us boundless Joy and boundless Love from the Absolute Supreme.

We have to give due value to sincerity. Only if we value sincerity and give due importance to sincerity, will we be able to increase our sincerity.

If we see somebody is sincere, we may say, "I can also become sincere." But there is a great difference between saying "I can" and saying "I have become." Others do many things that we feel we can also do. We feel that it is only a matter of giving ourselves a chance. But we have to prove that we can do these things. In the ordinary, unaspiring life, there are many, many people who are sincere, even though they are not interested in following the spiritual life. So we feel that just because we are leading a spiritual life, sincerity is something that we can easily acquire. Only we don't do it.

But this is a mistake. It is very difficult to become sincere. It may take years to make sincerity a reality in our life. Our goal is God-realisation, which is still a far cry. We have to feel that, like God-realisation, total sincerity is also very difficult to achieve. If we have total sincerity for God's Will, then we are on the verge of God-realisation.