Question: Guru, very often I feel full of love and joy before I fall asleep. If I want to go to bed early and I turn out my light, I may remain awake without any conscious thoughts except gratitude. But I am worried about getting up in the morning. I want to be rested, but instead, I get maybe three or four hours of sleep.

Sri Chinmoy: Do undivine thoughts come to you?

Answer: No, they don't come. I am very, very elated and very happy.

Sri Chinmoy: That is very good. Why don't you try to meditate again? If you cannot fall asleep and undivine thoughts are not bothering you, if you don't feel like meditating, then you can read my writings or some other spiritual books. If wrong thoughts are not entering into you, then the best thing is for you to study and prepare yourself for meditation. God has given you an opportunity to meditate more. But on the following day are you tired?

Answer: Well, I usually feel wonderful coming here in the morning, but then I am afraid always that my meditation won't be as good as it should be because I haven't slept enough.

Sri Chinmoy: Why? If there are no disturbing thoughts, no disturbing elements, then you should be very happy that you can utilise that time for meditation. But don't torture yourself by denying yourself the necessary sleep. If sleep comes, you will allow it. But again, if sleep is not torturing you, then you should feel fortunate that these hours you can use for your own purpose.