Question: I think that every day we have to surrender, that one day is not enough. Is this right?

Sri Chinmoy: Absolutely right. We have to make a fresh surrender every day. Again, I wish to say that this surrender has to be made not only every day, but every hour, every minute and every second. Every second we have to renew our surrender. Otherwise, early in the morning we shall surrender to God, but during the day, when we get some bad or frustrating news, then immediately we shall stand totally against God. In the morning we feel that God is a merciful God, so we can surrender to Him. Then during the day we get all kinds of bad news, so we say that God is the worst possible being. We won't surrender to such a cruel God. This moment we are pleased with God, so we say, "God, I can surrender to You." Before the next moment comes we think, "Now I have to surrender again. How will I do it?"

While we are reading or eating or cooking or talking, at every moment we have to feel that we are in the Lap of the Supreme. A child feels that when he is in his mother's lap, he is perfect. When he is in his mother's lap, it is the mother's responsibility to take care of him. Similarly, in the spiritual life you have to feel that you are in the Lap of the Supreme.

Every second, twenty-four hours a day, nobody can meditate. Twenty-four hours a day nobody can say, "I am making my surrender." But we can all the time keep in our mind or right in front of our vision the idea that we are in the Lap of the Supreme. We can just imagine and that very imagination will work the miracle that will eventually make our surrender constant. But that we don't do. We meditate only for an hour or half an hour, then for ten hours we don't meditate. In the evening we again start meditation. But before we start again, we see that many, many problems have entered into our lives. Who allows these problems to enter into our lives? It is we who allow them, because between our first meditation and our second meditation we have left a big gap. We can easily avoid this gap if we can make ourselves feel that we are all the time sitting in the Lap of the Supreme.