8 December 1995, Kaplan Penthouse, Lincoln Center, New York, New York

This was the fiftieth and final Peace Concert in Sri Chinmoy’s 1995 series dedicated to the United Nations.

Excerpt from welcoming remarks given at the Peace Concert by Ms. Alina Bloomgarden, Director of Visitor Services at Lincoln Center:

This evening’s Peace Concert is a very special one for Lincoln Center and will be remembered as a most precious occasion. Tonight the innermost wish for peace that we all share is certain to be united by the music and the heart of this man. So it is with pleasure and gratitude that I welcome all of you this evening as Sri Chinmoy graces Lincoln Center and all of us with his spiritual music and meditation.

Excerpts from introductory remarks given at the Peace Concert by Mr. James Irsay, Announcer, WQXR classical radio station of The New York Times:

We have come tonight to see a very special person, a man who has more than a glimmer of hope, for he feels the inevitability of peace amid all the horrible wars and hatreds that concern us all. His hope and his vision are what he so eloquently expresses in his music, which comes from a deep spiritual source. Let us all discover in his music the lover of peace, and then let us all be lovers of peace and share his heart’s aspiration for a better world.

Peace Concert dedication by Sri Chinmoy:

Today we are completing our fifty Peace Concerts which we have dedicated to the all-illumining soul, all-aspiring heart and all-serving life of the United Nations.

O soul of the United Nations, to you I bow. O heart of the United Nations, to you I bow. O life of the United Nations, to you I bow. O Lord Beloved Supreme, to You I bow and bow and bow for giving me and my students who are working at the United Nations the golden opportunity to serve the United Nations for the last twenty-five years. At the end of our journey’s close, today, O Lord Supreme, we are offering You gratitude and gratitude and gratitude from the inmost recesses of our heart.