Question: Guru, since the perfection of the soul is an ever-transcending thing, does man ever reach a time in his life when he is pure perfection?

Sri Chinmoy: Although the soul's experience of perfection is an ever-transcending one, a man is bound to feel perfection in his own life because of his constant progress. As soon as he comes to a certain standard, as soon as he reaches a goal, he feels that he is perfect. Then, after some time, he feels that this is not enough for him; he wants to go to a higher goal. So his perfection becomes the starting point for another, higher goal. When he reaches his first destination, he is really satisfied. When I realised God, it was my first satisfaction, because it was my first goal. Then I tried to reveal God; that was my second goal. Now I am trying to manifest God; that is my third goal. There is no end to realisation. There is no end to revelation. There is no end to manifestation. But the moment we reach some standard, we are satisfied, and satisfaction, real satisfaction, is perfection. Satisfaction is very different from vital pleasure. In satisfaction we enter into the sea of Light and Delight. But again, we want to go to a higher goal, and achieve even greater satisfaction and perfection. So there is no end; God Himself is transcending and transcending.