Question: Guru, if the Supreme is constantly transcending Himself, how can anything be perfect?

Sri Chinmoy: True, at every second the Supreme is transcending Himself, but self-transcendence itself is perfection. A child's perfection might come the moment he can crawl. For some time he cannot crawl, and he only lies in his bed crying and crying. But the moment he starts crawling, his mother says, "Oh, now my child knows how to crawl. He is perfect!" Then the same child learns to stand up and stumble, and his mother says, "My child could not even crawl before, and now he is standing up!" In her eyes he has now achieved another kind of perfection. The child eventually starts walking; then he starts marching; then he starts running; then he starts running the fastest. There is no end; in his constant progress is perfection. Each time we reach a goal, that goal is our perfection. Each time we move forward, upward or inward, that is called perfection. So progress is always perfection.

When we start our journey, the first step forward is our goal. As soon as we reach this goal, we achieve perfection. But today's goal, today's perfection, is tomorrow's starting point; and tomorrow's goal becomes the starting point for the day after tomorrow. Continuous progress is perfection. Self-transcendence is the song of constant inner progress and constant outer progress. The Supreme is transcending Himself all the time, going on and on with no end. That is why we call His Life perfect Perfection.