Question: How can I water my perfection-tree?

Sri Chinmoy: How can you water your perfection-tree? Very good! I am proud of you if you already have a perfection-tree. To get a perfection-tree is very, very difficult. It takes millions of years to get a perfection-tree. People cry and cry to get a perfection-tree somewhere, somewhere, somewhere. You have to cry for a perfection-seed in your life. After it germinates, it becomes a tiny plant, then it becomes a sapling and finally it becomes a tree. It takes such a long time to have a tree inside us.

Now, once you have a perfection-tree, if you want to keep it in perfect condition, you have to offer gratitude at every moment. You touch the root of the tree and offer gratitude. With gratitude you touch the foot of the tree, the trunk of the tree, the branches of the tree, the flowers of the tree, the fruits of the tree. When your heart's gratitude comes to the fore, when you become all gratitude, this gratitude is like a flow, a flow of consciousness. When your consciousness is flowing, feel that this gratitude-flow is like a river that is watering the root of the tree and the tree itself. So always it is through gratitude that your consciousness-river will flow and water the perfection-tree inside you.