Question: What are the best qualities of Western philosophy as opposed to Eastern philosophy?

Sri Chinmoy: Eastern philosophy, especially Indian philosophy, tells us: “Dive deep within. You will discover a springboard. If you jump on the springboard, you will be able to go high. Dive deep within in order to climb high, higher, highest.” This is the Eastern way of philosophy.

Western philosophy does not urge us to follow that way. Western philosophy is like a troop of marching soldiers. It tells us: “Go forward, forward.” Western philosophy starts with physical, vital and mental strength. But Eastern philosophy, Indian philosophy, starts from something deeper. You can call it the heart or the soul.

So Eastern philosophy dives deep within in order to climb up high, higher, highest. Western philosophy tells us to go forward or, on rare occasions, to go upward. But it does not dive inward like Eastern philosophy. This is the great difference.