Prayer: with words or without words?

Prayer is usually done with words, although there is a form of prayer without words which, unfortunately, many of my disciples won't be able to do at this time. For that, one has to develop a very high state of meditation. Only inside that meditation can silent prayer be offered.

Prayer with words should be outwardly inaudible. Others won't hear it, but one should form a sentence of a few words that will convince the aspiring mind. The heart is already aspiring but the mind needs to aspire. So it is better for the aspiring heart to form the thought.

First, form the sentence by writing it on the tablet of your heart. Then try to see it there. Once the words are written, you can return many times to see them. If you want to repeat the sentence, good, but it is not necessary. When you repeat your prayer you have a choice. Either you write it once on the tablet of your heart and read it again and again, or you continuously write the same thing — whichever gives you more joy.

There is another way of praying: the way of total silence. For that, the mind has to be calm, quiet and totally silent. When there is no thought, just a vacant mind, light itself automatically forms its own divine thoughts and ideas.