Time for prayer

There is a time when we should pray instead of meditating. It is when the Supreme asks us to pray. Sometimes the Supreme asks us to pray for a certain thing or event. He already knows the result, but He still wants us to pray. At this time we must not be concerned about the result. Our job is to pray as soulfully and as intensely as we can. This is our chance to prove that we have tremendous intensity. It is the Will of the Supreme that we pray. Whether or not we get the desired result is immaterial. We only have to prove our sincere effort. Since it is His Will for us to pray, we have to pray most soulfully, without being attached to the result. The result He knows.

When we pray, we must not bring the mind forward at all. We must not think, "Oh, this is only another form of desire." Far from it. It is not a desire like the desire to make thousands of dollars or to write beautiful poems or to become world famous. It is not a desire for personal satisfaction. When it is the Supreme's Will that we pray, we have to think of our prayer as aspiration and as revelation. Human will has aspiration, but divine Will has something more: revelation. When the Supreme asks us to pray, we are becoming part of His Revelation.