Part II — Questions and answers

QKS 4-15. These questions were asked at the New York Sri Chinmoy Centre on 10 July 1976.

Question: I was wondering about the power your inner beings have.

Sri Chinmoy: The power that my inner beings have depends to a great extent on how much receptivity you have. It is all due to your receptivity. Dulal had a friend named Judd. He and his wife went someplace one night and left their children and their dog at home. While they were away, their house caught fire. Judd was driving home slowly and he heard my voice say, "Judd, drive as fast as possible!" He never drove so fast as that night, and when he got home he was able to save his children. Only the dog was not saved. It was one of my inner beings that saved his children. Otherwise, he would never have driven so fast. My inner being was telling him, "Drive as fast as possible; just go!" So his children were saved.

And now where are they? When we are in need, we have faith not only in God but in everybody and anybody. When everything goes wrong, at that time we make friends with God and with anybody in the street who will help. But when everything is all right, at that time we can tell spirituality and God to remain silent. When our purpose is served, we no longer need God. We don't have faith in God and we don't have faith in anybody else. Judd would have lost his children if it had not been for the protection of my inner beings, and he knows it. But now that he is happy with his outer life, he does not come to the Centre any more.