Scene 2

(Lakshmana has lighted a blazing fire in the presence of a large audience.)

SITA: O Fire God, my husband Rama has every right to test me, and I have every right to prove to him that I was pure, I am pure and I forever shall remain pure. If I fail in this test, I shall go to my Divine Rama in Heaven. If I pass, I shall remain with my human Rama here on earth.

(Site walks slowly, steadily through the leaping flames and comes back to Rama. The all-consuming fire could do nothing to her. Her whole face is aglow. Rama receives Sita with all his love.)

RAMA: My Sita, the fire ordeal is over. The world now knows that you are Purity itself. You had the heart to prove yourself to my subjects. One part of my being wanted to please my subjects at your expense, with your sacrifice. It felt that the whole object of my stay on earth was to please them. Another part, which is divine, knew well that you were pure and felt that this was doing an injustice to you. But you and I are one. You have proved it. With your sacrifice you have shown your greatness before my subjects, and since we are one, you have made me great, also. What you have done for me and what we are doing for my subjects is right.

SITA: My Lord, you are right. You are always right. This existence of mine is only to please you, to prove to the world that I am only for you and that the illumination of the world depends only on your compassionate wisdom.

(Sita sings.)

Saphal habe swapan amar saphal habe
samarpaner atma-hutir mahotsabe
tomar hasi tomar banshi
bijay ketan amar chetan
amar bhabe nachbe jani
amar bhabe

(My dream will be fulfilled
In the great festival of my surrender’s
Your Smile, Your Flute,
Your Banner, Your Consciousness-Light,
In my world shall dance,
I know, I know.)

Sri Chinmoy, My Rama is my All, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973